Seashell Birth of Venus Halskjede HASLA

Seashell Birth of Venus Halskjede HASLA


The necklace has the same size as Seashell Conch mini earrings.

  • Sølvforgylt

  • Lengde: 50 cm

“As a child, the designer spent every summer on the south coast of Norway, and countless shells were brought home in pockets and bags. She has, for a long time, wanted to create a collection based on shells, but have searched for the right expression and production method. We are now pleased to present our interpretation of the shell. By moving away from the well-known shape and into a more abstract universe, we have given the collection a Hasla signature. Skjell is a 3D-printed collection. In order to obtain the natural, casual organic expression, we were assisted by an animator who made drawings of the jewellery pieces on the basis of the designer’s sketches. The result is tactile, soft, stylised shell shapes that make one think of submarine beings, shells and corals. “